Amicos Insurance Enterprises cc offers clients a wide variety of highly specialised products and services.

Amicos products and services are aimed at specific market segments and their needs, through the use and optimization of our broker network.

The Amicos Church and Welfare Insurance Product caters for all religious institutions as well as welfare organizations. The product boasts low premium rates, reduced excesses and increased cover to cater for specific needs - a product that cannot be matched by any other on the market. We offer fast and efficient service as well as 24 hours assistance.

Amicos is aware that when your business is specialised, you'll want to know that the insurance company you partner with understands exactly what you do, and what your insurance needs are.

Whether you're looking for Aviation or Marine underwriting, seeking professional indemnity or protection against construction, travel or hospitality liabilities, Amicos has the right plan for you.

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